Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Confessions..... as I was rehashing all the bad things I did this week, and I had a revelation! I defiantly have food issues! As you will soon see....half of my confessions have something to do with food!

First of all...we went to shrimp fest at Red Lobster on Sunday after the pumpkin patch...need I say more??? (food confession #1)

On Tuesday I had to do a post office run to mail a candle order to Australia. I was parking my car and I noticed out of the corner of my eye a lady with like 4 boxes getting out of her car. I totally should have walked over to help this lady with her boxes....BUT instead I scrambled out of my car as fast as I could (I even attempted to jump out of the car with my seat belt STiLL fastened). I practically ran to the post office door and jumped in line....I did not want to be stuck behind her in line! My goodness...that was so mean! Okay then on Tuesday night, I ate a box of milk duds for dinner (while watching the biggest loser no less). I do not know when I will learn that just because Walgreen's sells movie box candy 3 for $4.00...that I always need to take advantage of that deal!!! Okay so that was food confession #2.

Okay this confession is pretty embarrassing...but these are I have to be honest here! Okay....I pretty much forced my kids to watch "The great pumpkin Charlie Brown" this week like 3 times. There was one instance where I actually threatened to take away Michael's cell phone if he did not watch with me! Today is Halloween...and you better believe that THEY WILL watch with me one more time!!! ALL ABOUT food confessions!! Lets see here....Anna had her Halloween party at pre school, and when we got home I ate like 3 pieces of her candy (this is just the beginning people). We went to ice skating lessons that night, and me and Michael shared Nachos and a pretzel and a coke while watching her! While we were eating, I looked up at Michael and said, "Do you remember what they said about nachos on the Biggest loser this week?" LOL....they are basically toxic (although..we kept eating)! Okay after ice skating we were walking to the car and Anna claimed that she was "dying of thirst". We went into the coffee shop that is right my the ice rink to get a water. I was paying for the water and I could not resist these stupid EVIL peanut butter rice crispy treats that they ALWAYS have sitting by the register. I stuck it in my bag (i did pay)lol ....i was still full from the junk at the ice rink, so i was going to save it for later. So.....moving right along....we stopped and got taco bell on the way home (I know what you are thinking...i know...i am ashamed!) I go to bed at around midnight because as you all know I am addicted to the Twilight books (that's a confession in itself). But here is the early morning Friday confession. I wake up at around 2:00am. I go in the kitchen for a drink of water....and what do I remember?? The rice crispy treat!!! I take it out of my bag and eat almost half of it!!!! Seriously, besides pregnant women...who does that??? So I went back to bed with a little tummy ache...because those treats really are down right wretched. (these would be food confessions #3, 4, 5 and 6)

Holy cow.....that was some confession!!! I do feel better though...regardless all my blogger friends probably now think I am even more of a lunatic!!

Okay...I am off for a day of Halloween fun! We are going to play in the leaves, make a Halloween craft, carve another pumpkin....and of course watch the Great pumpkin Charlie Brown one last time!! Then trick or treating tonight of course!!

Have a wonderful and safe Halloween everyone!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Thank fulls.....

I am joining my lovely friend JennyKate in doing Thankful Thursday. I feel that it is so important to count your blessings. Personally, I do this every single night in the bathtub! My life is so rich because I constantly focus on what I DO have oppose to what I DO NOT HAVE. are my Thursday morning thank fulls!

1. First and foremost, I am thankful for God. He ALWAYS kicks off my blessings. I am not only thankful that he sacrificed his life for me, but I always thank him for living a perfect life for me.

2. I am so very thankful for my marriage. I love my husband Randy so much. He is such a hard worker, and he adores me.

3. My three wonderful kids. They are each such a blessing. They are all so loving and caring. I am so lucky and thankful to have them.

4. I am thankful to be so close to my mom, dad, sister and Brother in law. They mean the world to me. My sister is my best friend...and I am truly thankful for that.

5. For my soul mate sister Lisa. Seriously...this friend is connected with my soul. I can't imagine one single day without her from here on out!

6. For JennyKate. She inspires me everyday. I just love having her as a friend. She has HUGE heart and she makes me LOL....I mean really...she puts the meaning in "laugh out loud" love her so much. The other day I even said to myself, "WWJD?" That means what would Jenny Do....LOL

7. I am thankful for silly, fun holidays like Halloween. It gives added tradition in our home. In this picture we were eating totinos Pizza by "pumpkin light"

8. I am so thankful for a sense of humor. I Love to be a dork...and make people laugh (at my expense) Clearly, I handed this down to Michael for sure!

9. For LOVE...I believe that I have had a huge hand in molding my children thus far, by how much love and affection that I show them. I love and praise them from morning to night!

10. For my country and for the freedom to vote. We are blessed to live here. We all need to take advantage of our freedom and VOTE! I am such a nerd...I actually wore this sticker on my hand all day yesterday!!!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone. I will end this with two of my most favorite quotes in the world. Oh my gosh...I cannot forget the Twilight Books!!! Those books know how thankful I am! lol

"If you want to feel rich...just count all the things you have that money CANNOT buy"

"A persons true wealth is the good that he/she does in the world"

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Fun Fall weekend....

Okay...okay..i give up! I have been trying since Monday to upload a slide show from flicker...but I can't seem to figure it out!! So I will have to settle for photos. Here is a glimpse of my fall fun weekend.

Friday I took the girls to the zoo..the zoo is so pretty in the Fall.

I think I spotted the very last flower at the zoo!

Of course...we had to get our ice cream..remember my pre-confession??

Anna playing in the leaves on Saturday

Our annual pumpkin patch trip On Sunday

"You are putting this big orange thing in front of me why???"

My beautiful amazing Family!
Pumpkin Bread....YUM

Allie's first time on rides!

The kiddos on the train ride

Sunday night....carving our pumpkins

Of course...I had to make a spectacle of myself! I wish i had pictures of me pretending to cut off my finger...i had fake blood everywhere...the look on my husband's face was PRICELESS!!!

Did you know that raw pumpkin guts are poison??? LOL

Happy Fall everyone!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Confessions.....Here we go!

Okay...lets see here. Monday I managed to Make some new candle scents for my Etsy store...BUT i ended up burning 3 of them myself! (I promise Jenny Kate...Holiday scents will come Okay On Tuesday.....after I dropped Anna off at pre school....Allie fell asleep in the car, so I went through a drive through and got chili cheese fries. I ate them in the car (parked of course) and know one will ever knew...not even Allie!!! Shhhh! After the chili cheese fries, I headed to Hobby Lobby and spent $36.00. I went for pink glitter and spray adhesive and came out with...hmmmm...I don't even remember now!! Okay moving onto Wednesday....I ate candy corn and licorice for dinner....and I stayed up and finished the first book of the twilight series until like 2am......AND the same night I dreamt about Edward (vampire in the book) wow.....Wednesday was a naughty day!!! Lastly....the house is a mess right now....and guess what??? Me and the girls are off to the zoo instead of doing chores!! But that means that I will be cleaning until late tonight....there is no way I can sleep knowing the house is in this state (the OCD again). Oh and here is a PRE confession...I plan on eating junk food at the zoo today!!!

P.S. ATTENTION ALL COFFEE DRINKERS.....If you use coffee mate creamer (like i do on a regular basis) this tip is for YOU. Yesterday when I bought my lovely bottle of Hazelnut creamer, I noticed that they changed some things with the packaging. Let me just say that the red lid DOES NOT click shut as easy as it used to!! I was on my second cup of coffee this morning and I took the bottle out and shook it vigorously as always....and ya....the lid was not clicked! Lets just say that I had a monumental mess on my hands!! By the time I finished cleaning it up...I had to reheat my coffee!! So anyhow...learn from that one my fellow coffee

Have the most brilliant weekend everyone! I will have lots of fun pictures next week. The weekend before Halloween we have a blast! Sat night we are taking the kids to trick or trunk and Sunday we are off to the pumpkin patch with my family...then to Red lobster's shrimp fest!! That meal will DEFINITELY be at the top of the list on my Friday confessions next week!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Get your Twilight Bookmarks!!!

Okay....Yes I admit...I am completely obsessed with the Twilight series books by Stephanie Meyer. I created some Twilight bookmarks...and you can get them in my Etsy store by clicking right HERE!!!!!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm Having an affair......

With a vampire named Edward!!! Oh my goodness This so amazing and so dangerously addicting! Last night I stayed up and read 1o chapters until 2am!! I cannot wait to finish it tonight, then get the second book tomorrow!! It's not to often that a book gets a hold of me like's pure BLISS!!

I just had to share this book with you guys...It is an AMAZING love story...I promise you will LOVE it!!! Oh ya...and the movie Twilight is coming to theatres on November 21st...I cannot wait!!!

Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer

p.s. I am making Twilight bookmarks...they will be in my Crazydaisycandle etsy store by tomorrow night! Yes....It's true....I am a bit obsessed!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Time for tea.....

Last night me and Anna had the most wonderful tea party!

We even baked our own little choc chip cookies for the occasion!

Of course We had to invite some friends....

The tea was so perfect

Look at Mrs. Kitty's pleading eyes...she is really wanting a bite of cookie!

The cookies were so yummy...they were so tiny...which made them feel "Guilt free" for me!!

Mrs. Kitty did get a bite!

"Cheers Big ears" Thats what we like to say!!

What a simply lovely party that was!

Remember...."Simplicity". Create special moments and the end that's all that will matter!

Friday, October 17, 2008

The BEST Household tip that I have EVER been given.... Yesterday me and my daughters were looking at all my nail polishes in the living room. I made sure all the lids were on very tight...they just love to sort them out and look at them. So anyway...I was sitting there with them, and stupid me did not even realize that my 4 yr old daughter Anna was banging two bottles together! One unlucky whack.....and one of the hot hot hot pink nail polish bottles broke open ALL over the carpet, right smack in the middle of the living room! OMG.....have any of you ever seen the movie mommy dearest? Ya...I had a mommy dearest moment! I was freaking out! My daughter immediately ran to her time out spot during my mommy melt down! After I pulled myself together....I did what any mom in the 21st century to the Internet and research how to get this out!!! After awhile I ran into a post that said to rub shaving gel and Windex on the spot with a warm wash cloth! I was like, "what?? no way!" But as you will all see in the picture below..I had nothing to loose! So I tried it....and I did have to scrub for about 2 hours....and the poor carpet is defiantly "balding" in this spot....but it looks SOOOOOO much better!! Oh ya...and did i mention that it's BRAND SPANKING NEW CARPET??? should have seen me laying over this spot and crying!!!

After...u can still see a bit of pink in there, but i think i can live with it!

Shaving gel and knew??

My best friend is having a giveaway!

My best friend Lisa is having a giveaway! Click here to enter to win! She is giving away a couple things from her pumpkin pink cottage etsy store! Let me tell you...her Etsy store is so dang cute...she is wicked talented!! I just love her to pieces!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My first Award....Yay!!

Yay...I was given my first award! Renee over at My Glimpse of Life gave me a creative award for my Homemade candle shop! Thank you so much Renee! Here are the rules that I was given:

*Mention the blog that gave you the reward and comment on there blog to let them know that you have posted there award. You also have to list 6 things you VALUE and 6 things you Don't VALUE. Lastly, you have to pass the award onto 6 other friends!

So here it goes...6 things that I Value:

1. God and my faith in him.

2. My husband Randy. He is a blessing. I love him so much, he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with him!

3. My three kids. They are my world!

4. My family. My mom, dad, sister and brother in law mean everything to me. And my in laws...I cannot forget them too...I so love them and I am so blessed to have them!

5. The friendships that I have. I admit that for whatever reason...I don't have to many...but the one's I do have are very, very special and valuable to me!

6. Friendly people. I really value courteous friendly people. It's so nice when you walk by and a stranger just smiles. A smile can change someones day!

Six thing's that I DO NOT value:

1. Abortions

2. People who take there insecurities out on others.

3. Prejudice

4. Cancer

5. Money...I hate how everything seems to come down to money. For me..more time with my husband=More money to do so...i hate that.

6. Materialistic people. There are things that I like to have...but I am talking about the people who base there entire existence on fancy cars and name brand crap. People who value "things" more than anything i cannot stand that! They have no's sad really.

Okay so now to pass this on to SIX people!! Here is my list:

1. French...because she is such a creative writer. I adore reading her blog. Check it out, you will too!

2. Cherry...just because that girl is wicked creative...oh my gosh, she is just amazing!

3. Rue at the peanutbutterandjellylife. She is an amazing decorator. I love visiting her blog!

4. Lurenda at Averytales. This new friend of mine inspires me EVERY day...Seriously...everyday!

5. Heather at sugar n spice. I just love reading her posts...kinda like my blog..they are random day to day ramblings (i mean that in a good way Heather!). I enjoy them very much!

6. Sandy at Sandy's creations. She is so funny! I love reading her blog! She takes amazing pictures and she is incredibly creative!

Have a wonderful day everyone! Don't forget to really does have the power to change someone's day!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Then....and Now.....oh lord!!!

Okay...So I was brave enough to follow in the footsteps of my friends JennyKate and Lisa (pumpkin pink cottage) and do a then and now post. I loved looking at your guy's here it is mine: the baby seat with my cousin and dad. See where I get my nuttiness??

Me and the same cousin from above when i was prob about 3
My great grandparents and my little sister...i was prob almost 4

Me and my sister..i think i may be 6..i was such a tom boy!

Me, my dad and sister in California. I was like 12 or 13. My dad looks so cute..he reminds me of Chevy chase on Lampoons vacation here!! Check out my spandex!!! lol

This cracks me up!! This is me and my cousin/brother when we were in Jr high..cant resist that hair!!!

This is me and my cousin, we were in maybe 9th grade?? At least my hair was tame at this point!

Me and my sister...I think i was in 11th grade...we loved to fish...still do

Okay this is a pretty good idea of how i was in high school...that's me in the front..i was a bit of a rebel wild child! I had a blast in high school. I think i was 18 here

Me with a cousin and my sister when i was like 23 maybe??

Moving right is me and my husband...i was 25..sorry about the horrible quality..u get the gist though

I think I might be around 29 here...before i chopped my hair off

Me 9mon preg with Allie

This was my sisters wedding this summer. My dad, mom, sis, brother in law, my son, me, randy and my girls. Anna and Allie

This is me just the other day!!!

Love you Jenny and Lisa!!!