Thursday, October 9, 2008

What I am doing to help my family through this economic hardship...

Okay wow....I just noticed that It's 11:45pm...wayyy past my bedtime! But I just felt like reaching out to others who are going through hard times with this crazy economy. I am a stay at home mom (a domestic goddess I say) and my husband is gone so much working so hard. Don't get me wrong...I work my butt off all you stay at home mom's do. But I just want to help financially....I feel the need to take some of the burden off my amazing husband. He is in the trucking industry and it slows down quiet a bit in the winter...and with the way the economy is we are a little scared. So what am I doing to pitch in? Here is a list...and hey....maybe you guys can take away some tips for your family:

1. First and foremost, I have FINALLY been taught by my husband how to SAVE money. It has taken me about 6 yrs with him to FINALLY get it!! I was not taught to save...just spend! So in this pastyear or so, I put a certain amount of money each week in savings regardless of anything. I just do it...I tell myself that money is not mine..I don't even consider just goes in savings. PERIOD. Now, like i said it took me 6 YEARS to get it....but boy oh boy I am so grateful that I did. Now we have savings to always fall back on through tough times. just overall good for your health....seriously!

2. I thought about what it is that I love. I love candles!!! I love the way they smell and soothe me...I love everything about them. Even sitting reading, looking at the flame relaxes me. So...I opened my own candle shop on It has taken some money here and there to get started....But it's starting to really pay off. I love making them...absolutely love it, and I am putting some money into savings as well, and that makes me feel so proud.

3. Okay...seriously...I NEVER thought I would clip coupons!!! But I am to the point now where I look forward to my coffee on Sunday morning with ALL my ad's and I clip...clip away!! My husband so gets a kick out of it! I now make grocery shopping a huge game for me. I LOVE IT!!! I found this site (it was actually on Oprah the other day) it's it is awesome!! She teaches you how to save money...i mean save BIG money!! I went from spending 150.00 A WEEK to about 79.00 a week! I was so mad today because i really wanted to be under 70.00. Next week is another challenge! I also add things up mentally in my head as I go through the store. I tried a calculator...but with a 18mon old in the seat in front of me...that did not work out so well! But adding it in my head really helps me to know where I am at..and what I can get and CANNOT get (those are typically the wants..not needs). I have really spent time figuring out healthy meals that are cheaper. I will start posting some of those meal ideas often. Saving money grocery shopping is really a huge way that I feel that I can help out and make an impact. So as the CEO of my household....I am taking charge!!

4. We use to eat out sooo much. Now we NEVER do!! It took some adjusting for the kids...but they are over it now. We did get Taco Bell tonight.....It only cost 14.00...but I was still mad at myself for caving!! I cannot believe how much we have saved by cutting all the eating out OUT!!

5. CASH....I only use cash. I give myself an allowance for the week, when it's gone....IT'S GONE.

6. Finally...I just really try and recite this word to myself constantly, "SIMPLICITY". I try so hard to focus on what is important. My answer is always the same, "Time...time with the one's I love". Quality time that is. When someone's not the materials they own that anyone will give a crap about, it's the memories that they leave behind. It's the TIME. So in all the madness...Just breathe....i mean breathe deep (right now) and be happy for your family and what you DO have. you made it this far...I hope you got something out of it!!!


French said...

How could you not get something out of that? Very inspiring! I have never had the opportunity to stay at home and being a nurse I guess I am lucky because I don't ever have to worry about losing my job, or at least not having work! There are a lot of things we can cut back on which our parents would have considered luxuries and eating out is definitely one of them! Good for you for using your time and your abilities to save! Hugs French;)

jennykate77 said...

Those are some really fantastic tips! I think it's in all of our best interest that we cut back and save what we can...simplicity is a great word.

Love you!

Avery Tales said...

That's great advice! My husband has been trying to teach me the concept of saving for the 6 years that we've been married and I'm slowly catching on. I need to make the coupon clipping a priority. I know I could save so much! Thanks for the terrific tips!

renee said...

I love it! And I can't wait to read your cheap healthy meals! It's sad that if you want a healty family, you have to spend SO much more!! Great post!!

Twice as Nice said...

Good for you! Every penny counts these day. You go girl and good luck with your candles. P.S. I would love to try some and maybe I will but right now I have a cupboard full from my days when I sold Party Lite. Do you have carmel?

He And Me + 3 said...

That was an awesome post. I too am a stay at home mother of three. It is tough to make ends meet, but you do it in order to stay at home where I feel I belong. I sell on ebay just random stuff around the house, and I clip coupons. WE too pay with only cash. We are doing the Dave Ramsey thing. Seems to be working really well. i will be back by for another visit. Love your site. I also love candles, so I am going to have to check out your etsy site.