Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Confessions.....

Here are my Friday Confessions for the week:

1. I let Allie (my 18 Mon old) sleep with me twice this week.

2. I stayed up one night until 2am watching 4 episodes of prison break. I get the seasons from Net Flix

3. I have not done laundry since Tuesday!!

4. I got the kids Wendy's last night

5. When Allie is napping...i should be cleaning...although this week I was on the computer every chance i got to myself! Which means I have a ton of cleaning to do today!!

6. On Sunday I completely spaced out Michael's confirmation class at church...I am still so mad at myself for this one!

7. I had a coke (coke cola that is) That is my biggest weakness...i love pop and its just horrible! I only had one for the week though...i guess that's okay.

Things That I am proud of this week:

1. I managed to loose 4 lbs...Mostly by NOT eating past 6pm (which is SO DANG HARD)

2. When I took Anna to Ice skating lessons last night...i walked right past the coffee shop and DID NOT go in and get a rice crispy treat made with peanut butter and choc chips!!

3. I had to practice skating with Anna before her lesson and I did not fall ONCE!!

4. I only spent $80.00 for groceries yesterday....I have started calculating mentally in the store and clipping coupons. Those two things have got my bill down from 150.00 a week to 80.00!!

5. I cleaned out my car...the whole nine yards...vacume..windex...armoral wipes!!

6. I helped a girl in the Walmart parking lot who claimed she ran out of gas. She looked homeless to me...I gave her money and said a quick prayer as she walked off.

7. I went on a bargain mission and managed to buy treat bags and stuff to fill them for Anna's Halloween party at school for like 12.00!

I hope everyone had a good week....and I wish you all a wonderful weekend ahead!! Remember to count your blessings!!!


jennykate77 said...

You are TOTALLY awesome! I just love you to pieces! The confessions are great...that feels good, huh? :) Your accomplishments for the week inspire me to do better! I definitely need to try harder at not eating after 6. I know this is a tried-and-true way to lose some pounds...speaking of, you lost 4!!! That's amazing!

Love you!

p.s. I want to go ice skating!

Heather said...

Congratulations on the 4 pounds and I will be bringing my car by next week! :)

The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

congrats on the 4lbs, I't not gettin near a scale...yikes.. No Laundry since tuesday..Oh, no...shame on I just love you... so much...xoxoxo

Katie said...

What a great week. As moms we have to take from one thing to do another. Even if it means reading your friends blogs, it is mom time. Now that cleaning can wait. God bless you for helping the lady who needed help.

feather k said...

I like how you confessed both the good and the bad...Your background is adorable!