Friday, October 17, 2008

My best friend is having a giveaway!

My best friend Lisa is having a giveaway! Click here to enter to win! She is giving away a couple things from her pumpkin pink cottage etsy store! Let me tell you...her Etsy store is so dang cute...she is wicked talented!! I just love her to pieces!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!


Julie said...

I went over and gave her a comment on the give away thanks for the info and that is the cutest give away. You are the greatest friend. you guys are great!

Christine said...

Hi new blog reader and I left a comment on the give away. Love your Etsy store I'm sure I'll be buying something soon.


Miranda said...

Hey there...thanks for the comment. I feel your pain with the fingernail polish. On the remaining light pink stain, try "AWESOME". You can find it at the Dollar Store. I have seen it get the entire fingernail polish up from a fresh spill. EEEEK!!
Maybe it will finish the job for you. Not sure though since you have already used something else on it...but it can't hurt. That stuff is great for lots of things. Great on dingy tennis shoes as well. Good luck!