Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's all in the presentation!

On Fathers day, we had a BBQ here at my house. I put out an appetizing veggie I always do, and my kids just love it! Any other time I put some carrots or celery on a plate with dip..they will maybe eat a couple...but when its all pretty on a relish tray...they flock to it like candy!!

So...I decided Today...just a regular summer day...i would make a veggie tray and set it out for the kids! They loved it...and so did I!! It's so easy and convenient, just put it back in the fridge and pull it out throughout the day!! For some reason it never dawned on me to make a relish tray on any other day besides a holiday or get together!! So anyway...that's my healthy eating tip for the day!!

loving the adventure~


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Denver Zoo

I purchased season tickets for the zoo this year. It is so nice to pack up the kids a couple days a week and just head out to the zoo! We never seem to get tired of it...and we are always creating wonderful memories in the process! Today was extra special because my new camera is making it's first debut! I am really happy with the pictures (thrilled actually) I love to take pictures and it's so awesome to finally have a camera with optical zoom!! It seemed as though all the animals were a little lazy and loungy you will see! I had lots of photo I hope i did not let any of you down!! I hope you enjoy........

There were all types of families enjoying the zoo today!

When i took this picture...i was thinking of me and you Lisa..inseparable!!
This one is for you Lisa...does this picture rock or what???

This is one of my favorite animals at the zoo...these sea horses are so delicate!

This photo is just priceless!!

One of my most favorite animals to admire at the zoo..just beautiful!

Okay...Lisa, does this animal not have the SAME eyes as those really cute dolls that you like?

These are for you my sweet Jenny Kate!!

Happy Feet!!

See what I mean?? They were all so tired!! look at those foot prints!

Oh my goodness...I love these's a mongoose! look at his ears!

Another favorite of mine!!

Allie watching her brother and sister on the merry go round!

I am so proud of this picture..look at that little bee!!

I hope you enjoyed a little piece of the Denver Zoo!!!
~Much Love, Melissa

i have entered the blogging world!

Wow...this is so cool! I have joined my friends in the blog world! I love to read other people's blogs...and i am so hoping that my blogs are equally entertaining and helpful! I am so excited to share my daily well as my daily challenges!!

~much love...Melissa