Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How do we Look together??

I think me and Edward make a pretty good couple!! I hung this on my pantry door....my husband is so gonna kill me!!! I'll just blame it on my sister...after all...she's the one who bought it for me!!
(I totally know...I do need help)

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

It's already Christmas at our Home! I talked my husband into putting up the Christmas decorations inside and outside last weekend. We are flying to Iowa to spend Thanksgiving with my In-laws, so I knew that when we got home next Sunday...we would we way to tired. This way when I get home...I will walk into a nice clean Christmassy home!! So anyway...here are some pictures, I wish I was better decorator...I'm to simple and plain in my opinion.

Here is the upstairs living room. This tree has only snowmen on it...I LOVE snowmen!

This is the downstairs family room/play room.

Don't you just loVe Anna's wizard of Oz stalking?

Up close look at the fireplace Mantle

I am loving the berries on the dining room light!

I hate that my cupboards look like this in pictures..they don't have that weird discoloration in person. I put garland and snowmen on top of the cupboards

I just recently picked up this cafe sign for 4.99 at a thrift shop. I painted in Chocolate brown to match my kitchen. It looks great with my "coffee themed" Kitchen!

This is My "Starbucks" tree in the corner of the dining room. Are you loving this JennyKate??

This is the Girls tree in there room. They also have snowflake lights on there window, and shiny silver cardboard snowflakes hanging all over the ceiling. It looks like a winter wonderland in there!

The outside looks even better. My husband did a great job. We have all red and white lights on the house with huge light up candy canes in the tree. We have one of those huge snow globes and snow men in the yard. It's so cute...my husband is really getting into it..he took off on Sunday and bought some reindeer for the yard too! I will try and take a picture tonight and post it. I cant wait to see everyone Else's houses!! Have a wonderful day!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I have been tagged....

My bloggy friend, Mistee tagged me and since I have never actually followed through with one of these, I thought I would give it a shot!

8 TV shows That I like to watch:

1. The Biggest loser
2. Ugly Betty
3. Little people BIG World
4. Deadliest catch
5. Ellen
6. Super Nanny
7. Andrew Zimern
8. Neat

8 Places I like to eat:

1. Famous Daves
3. Red Lobster
4. Olive Garden
5. Taco Bell
6. Casey's
7. Chipolte
8. Panda Express

8 Things that Happened Yesterday:

1. I put up Christmas decorations
2. Held the ladder for my husband
3. cleaned
4. Ate A LOT with my family
5. Sucked at the drums on guitar hero
6. Read
7. Had cheesecake for my brother in law's bday (he had pink candles)
8. went to the store

8 Things that I look forward to:

1. Flying to Iowa for Thanksgiving (not the plane ride so much...)
2. Seeing Twilight AGAIN on Wednesday night
3. Christmas
4. Anna's bday
5. My next craft fair
6. School being out for winter break
7. Taking the girls to see Santa and look at lights
8. I cannot wait till Jan 15...that's when my dad has his next scan..and I KNOW that his cancer will be gone!!

8 Things I love about Fall:

1. The cooler weather
2. Leaves changing
3. Pumpkin Patch trip
4. Halloween
5. Fall decorations
6. extra Starbucks trips
7. Thanksgiving
8. forcing my kids to watch the movie "The great pumpkin Charlie Brown"

8 Things on my wish list:

1. My husband being home more
2. My dad's cancer being GONE
3. My family staying healthy and safe
4. Traveling......a lot
5. My crazydaisy candle business to grow
6. Help single mom's
7. Buy a house in the mountains
8. My kids to be happy in life

8 People to tag:

1. Michelle
2. Lisa
3. French
4. Cherry
5. Heather
6. Jenny
7. Rue
8. Jessica

Friday, November 21, 2008


All I have to say is that the movie Twilight was AMAZING!!! It was everything and MORE than I was hoping for! I don't want to give anything away...I'm just saying that it was AMAZING...oh...I already said that! I cannot wait to go see it again!

Edward on the big screen....**sigh**

Friday Confessions.....

1. Taco Bell not once but TWICE

2. i was having a bit of road rage...i threw my arms up to a car. When i took a closer look...it was my old choir teacher who I adored! I felt like an idiot.

3.I feel like I spent wayyyyy to much time on the computer. I think I am going to start making a schedule. This way the house wont be a disaster up until Friday. It's pretty bad when your 4 yr old says to me last night, "Mommy...are you just cleaning because daddy's coming home?"

4. I have learned that stupid financial decisions made in my early 20's DO catch up to you! One big mistake crept up on me on Wednesday. I am over it though....Yes I am over it.

***there was a big pause here....because I just spilled my entire cup of coffee on my self..nice..ugh***

5. Okay...back to my list. I bought a big bag of peanut butter cups and a big bag of kit kat to fill the jar in the kitchen. So much for Dr. Phil's "No fail environment"

6. I am taking the girls to get professional pictures tonight with my sister. Here is the confession portion...Allie is 18mon and this is her FIRST professional picture...i know it...I am ashamed!

7. Okay people...this confession is HUGE...like monumentally huge! I am taking my son (7th grader) out of school EARLY....so that I can go with my sister to see Twilight! Yes...I even called my mom and asked her if I could...I just felt like i needed her permission! But she said and I quote, "Melissa, honey...you never do things like that...and he is practically a straight A student, I think it will be fine" So there you go...mom gives me a thumbs up...so I am so there! I do feel a little of lingering guilt...BUT considering I very rarely do anything for myself...I'm gonna splurge today! I will be there at 1:00pm with my sister...and huge tub of popcorn with huge Coke...and some sort of chocolate candy on the side!!! I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!! Edward here I come ***sigh***

...oh ya speaking of Edward. Last night in the car my son says, "Shhhhh...mom listen it's Edward..he is on the radio doing an interview!" Then he asks, "you don't really LoVe him do you mom?" Oh lord...I think I may have taken my obsession too far!! lol

Okay everyone....I'm out. I have to get a million things done before I go pick up Michael EARLY! By the way he does not see this as a confession...he sees it as a TRUE blessing!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday Thankfulls....

1. God

2. My husband Randy

3. My three brilliant kids

4. My sister, brother in law, mom and dad

5. I am so thankful that my husband will be home from work tonight until Sunday!! woo hoo

6. For the day with my sister tomorrow...watching Twilight...i seriously just started wiggling in my chair with excitement!!

7. My ability to stay focused and positive. I had a really bad day yesterday...and today...i am only looking forward and I am happy.

8. For my candle store. Making candles (quality awesome) candles is a new found passion of mine.

9. for coffee...always thankful for my coffee. Speaking of coffee...has anyone tried the new Hazelnut Biscotti coffee mate creamer?? Oh my goodness...it so yummy!

10. For salted caramel hot chocolates with a shot of espresso from Starbucks....i will be getting one today! This will also be on my confessions again tomorrow!!

11. For blogging...it is so awesome to interact with all of you, I am so very thankful for it!!

12. I am so thankful that I talked my husband into putting ALL of our Christmas decorations out this weekend!!! I cannot wait!!!

13. For this coming Sunday. My family is all coming over and we are going to EAT and play Wii ! That's what we do people...we EAT ...and we burn it off with the Wii !!! I love it

14. really good kisses

15. For KIND people

I hope that all of you have the most wonderful Thursday!!! SMILE

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sweetest Moment..

A few weeks ago All of my family went to visit my Gram and Grandpa at there graves. Allie, my 1 yr old daughter stood in front of the grave stone and put her hands up by her Little face like she was praying. This was about the sweetest moment I have ever seen. I thank my sister for capturing the moment with a photo! Oh how I will always cherish it!!

Me and My girls!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My first craft show and my 50th post Give away.....

My 50th post...woo hoo! I am going to giveaway a 16oz candle and YOU get to choose the scent! All you have to do is leave me a comment in this post telling me your most favorite Spring and Summer scents. If you mention this post on your own Blog....you will get five entries into the drawing! I will draw the lucky winner next Saturday Morning. Thank you in advance for your participation! I have several new Holiday scents listed in my Crazy Daisy Candle store...click right HERE to check them out!

On Saturday I took part in my very first Craft fair. I was so excited to be there with my Crazy Daisy Candles! There was not near as much traffic as I had hoped for, but in the end it turned out okay. I managed to sell about $200.00 worth of candles, which I was happy with. Especially since I think quiet a few of the vendors sold not a darn thing. I met some very talented artist throughout the day, and My sister bought me a fabulous scarf! So all in all....It was a day to smile about. I am in another craft show on December 5th and 6th. This next craft show is a city event and it is advertised very well, so I am very excited about that!

I hope you are all having a brilliant weekend! I am off to take the girls to the park, it is a BEAUTIFUL day!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Confessions.....

My Friday confessions are short and defiantly SWEET:

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate with a shot of Espresso!! I will also add...that this problem I am having is all because of My friend JennyKate. But i suppose we are even now. I got her HOOKED (and i mean HOOKED) to the Twilight books, and she got me HOOKED to this Starbucks delight! But JennyKate it's not fair! The books wont make you gain weigh and loose money like this darn drink!!! Ugh.....LOL

Just kidding Jenny...you know I love you sooooo much!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Thank fulls

What I am Thankful for on this beautiful Thursday:

My faith in God

Soul Mates and unconditional LoVe


My kids

My family

My dog Denali

for completely perfect beautiful Fall days like today

Lisa and JennyKate

This BlOg....and all of you that visit me

For coffee

For my candle business

clean sheets...is it normal that I wash them EVERY SINGLE DAY? Or is that my OCD?

Kindness....because JennyKate is so right in her Thursday Thankfulls....Kindness is HUGE

For the Twilight books.....oh man...I will be forever thankful for them. Oh get this you guys....Last night there was this perfect breeze coming in through my window....it wasn't even cold...so i opened it further and laid in bed and watched my curtain blow and i was imagining Edward coming through it!!! Seriously....I need some therapy right???? Oh ya....and it's only SEVEN days until the movie......I cannot wait!!!!!

Have a brilliant Thursday everyone! I will be back tomorrow for Friday confessions!!! I am off to do what I do.....play with my girls....clean....make candles.....play....clean!!!!!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Totally Random Thoughts...with a few random Vents thrown in!

Okay....So today I have all these completely random thoughts in my brain...and if it's okay, I am going to throw in some random little vents as well! I figured that I would mix up the thoughts with the venting so that my post was not a huge monstrosity of negativity!

* Okay I really need to start with a vent! Anyone who spends there Tuesday evenings watching the Biggest Loser will surly understand this frustration! "VICKI".....NEED I SAY MORE?? I have seriously not felt the need to punch someone in the face in a loooong time...until SHE came into TV land!!! Okay, that's all I have to say about that.

* This next thought is very disturbing to me. I THINK I AM LOSING MY MIND!!! Seriously...do any of you mom's feel like you have so much going on that you really feel as if a fraction of your brain is melting away? I DO!!! Please tell me I am not alone?? I was at the doctors and I was scheduling an appointment for my 1 yr old. The lady asked for Allie's bday and first I gave her the wrong day TWICE....then when I finally managed to get the day right ...I gave her the wrong year...like 3 times!!! Of course my 13 yr old had to be there with me...so he made me feel even more like an idiot!!! Seriously....it seems like the years that are in the 2000 are so confusing?? The 1990's are easy....is it just me...or does the 2000's seem to jumble up?? That prob makes no sense most of you!!

* Okay...here is another reason that I am losing my mind! Last night me and the kids went to my parents house for dinner. I parked the car in front of the house..then I suddenly felt very confused. I said to my 13 yr old son, "Michael, where is the fire hydrant that is in front of grandma's house? Do they actually relocate those things?? What in the heck is going on?" My son is looking around too...and I really was very confused! Then I take a better look around...and guess what??? I WAS PARKED IN FRONT OF THE WRONG HOUSE!!!! Now come on....that is something that someone in there LATE eighties does!!

* Why is it that in the mornings they only have talking on the radio? I like hearing the d'j s sometimes...but geese....people do need music in the morning too! Thanks to this....my one year old daughter know the chores to "Free Falling" by heart. Tom Petty is permanently in my cd player in their car because I am always to lazy to change it...and...well...I love tom petty. So he is the back up when there is nothing good on.

* 13 yr. old boys...well my 13 yr old boy is the next topic of conversation! What is with the 13yr old PRE teen attitude?? Seriously...he is a great kid...but this new attitude that he is adjusting to is just annoying! This morning on the way to school we were arguing about him cramming for his PE test this morning on the way to school!! When I pulled up in front of his school, we were still arguing, but he decides to get out of the car and SLAM the door in my face!!! I was so on the verge of getting out of the car in my pajama pants and messy pony tail and chase him down...I think the sheer embarrassment of the way i looked would be enough punishment for the boy! I am also so over all of the abbreviations being thrown around here! The OMG...TTYL...BFF... HWYD...and the list goes on! This morning I was about to jump out of my car in my pajamas and yell, "OMG..Im gonna KYB" that translates into, "Oh my gosh...I'm gonna kick your butt!" LOL

Wow....I guess this turned out to be ONLY random vents..the random thoughts got lost in my mind (Not a shocker...remember the part about parts of my disintegrating brain?)

I wrote this post in hopes that It would make you laugh with me...or at me...or at least Make you smile!! With being a single mom 5 days a week, with three kids, a business to run, kids with crazy schedules.... My OCD....i have to try and use my humor to get me through sometimes!!!

Okay...I am off to make "Hand turkey's" with the girls...then clean...and make more candles!!! Have a brilliant Wednesday everyone!!! Don't forget to SMILE...

Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Confessions.....

Hello Everyone....It's time for Confessions

* Okay today I am going downtown to change my social security card into my MARRIED name.. ...here is the confession part....I have been married for seven and a half years!!! See JennyKate...as far as being a procrastinator....you have nothing on me!!

* Yesterday while Anna was at preschool, I came home and gave Allie a much needed nap. I was packing up candle orders and cleaning...when I look up at the clock and notice that Anna gets done with school in TWO min!!! OMG.....I could not believe that I neglected the time like that! I called her school in tears telling them that I would be there in 10 min. That was the worst feeling EVER! Although Anna was totally fine....I was a mess!!

* I had 2 dreams about Edward this week (you know my vampire lover from the books that I am madly obsessed with) I am just praying that I don't say his name in my sleep...Randy will be livid!!

* Okay this is a confession and a warning at the same time! Don't ever NOT NOTICE that you are riding the butt of a police car while on your cell phone...NOT GOOD!

*Allie had slim fast for breakfast this morning....I'm not sure if that belongs in my confessions...but it just does not seem right??

hmmmm...wow....I guess that's not to bad of a confession week (I think I was to busy making candles to get in much trouble) I did good as far as food this week too, I did have taco bell twice (but that really does not count...because i have somehow convinced myself that taco bell is actually quiet healthy)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday Thank fulls

Wow...Is it already Time for Thursday thank fulls?? Sweeeet... Okay...here are my blessings for the day:

*God...again...he is ALWAYS #1

* My husband, he will always be #2

* My kids and my family....I am so totally blessed to have my kids and my wonderful supportive family.

* I forgot this one last week...I am so SUPER THANKFUL that my dad is done with his radiation treatments. Now we just pray that when he goes for his scan on Jan 15 (day before my bday) that his cancer is ALL GONE! That would be the best bday present EVER!!

* For the epiphany that I had in the bath tub last night. As I was saying my blessings in the bath..as i always do....It hit me that I can be doing MORE for Jesus daily. I thank him every night...but I really need to start thinking about him all through the day. I know that I can be a better Cristian...I just needed to realize it.

*For coffee I am thankful...i really love my coffee

*For the 4 candle sales this morning! I was so excited!! It makes me so proud of myself to be helping out financially. Every time I make a sale...I just cannot wait until the customer burns my candles...as I know they will LOVE them (I don't mean to brag...but I am 110% mega proud of my candles)

* For DVR...I know this is lame...but I really am grateful for it!

* For the utterly creative mind and sheer brilliance of the author Stephanie Meyer! Seriously....I am sure you are all so over me bragging about these books of hers....but Really, reading this amazing series has given me a wonderful escape from reality each night!!

* I am thankful for this beautiful Fall day....I plan to make the very most of it!!!

Have a brilliant day everyone!! Don't forget to SMILE......It can change the entire day for someone...I'm so serious....the power of a simple SMILE is amazing!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

NEW candles in my shop..."woot woot"

Yay...I finally have some winter scents available in my store! I am also excited about the new look. I have new labels and really cute antique brown lids. Yes...I'm a nerd...I get excited over lids! Here are a couple of facts about Crazy Daisy Candles:

* All my candles are handmade and hand poured by yours truly!

* I use a top quality soy wax blend, this gives you a nice clean burn

* I use top of the line scents....AND I use way more than the recommended amount to guarantee a very strong scent throw. I promise!!!

* You will get hooked to crazy daisy candles!!!

* They are made in AMERICA....I promise :)
Click here to check out my shoppe

Have the most wonderful day everyone....I am off to the Crazy Daisy candle shoppe!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

cleaning.....organizing..two of my favorite things!

So last weekend I made my husband help me freshen up the downstairs. We PURGED a ton of stuff and dropped off several loads to the Salvation Army. I reorganized...rearranged...and this is what I came up with:

Here is one side of the room, there is a big screen tv on the right hand wall...but I think Tv's are ugly...so i did not put it in the picture! Can you see my dog's head under the coffee table?? lol

This is the other side of the room...it has always been a play area, but I cleaned out so many old toys, and reorganized everything. I moved this huge armoire in here to house all of Anna's crafting supplies. We put her little picnic table beside it, she loves to have her own "Craft studio"

I made these banners for there play area...they look wayyy cuter in person.

This banner is by her table

Turned out really cute..I think. I love getting rid of things that are not being used...it's so super refreshing!!

I thought I would share my little "nook" of the downstairs. My crafting area is on one side of the laundry room downstairs.

Have a wonderful day everyone....I am off to make candles!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick or Treat fun.....

Good morning to all my wonderful, beautiful, blogging friends! Here are some pictures of our Halloween day!

The girls before we went to Anna's preschool party

My little spooky witch!

Anna with her cute little treat bags in hand ready for her friends!

Heading out to Trick or Treat!!

"Giddy Up"
Wow...I cannot believe that Halloween is behind us! Now I need to focus on my candle store for the Holidays! I am going to be in two different craft fairs this year, and the first one is in two short weeks! I cannot wait to show you all my new candle scents with there new labels and new look! I should have several listed in my store by Wednesday (did you hear that JennyKate...Wednesday...lol)

Have a wonderful day everyone...make each moment count! Please...please don't forget to