Wednesday, November 5, 2008

NEW candles in my shop..."woot woot"

Yay...I finally have some winter scents available in my store! I am also excited about the new look. I have new labels and really cute antique brown lids. Yes...I'm a nerd...I get excited over lids! Here are a couple of facts about Crazy Daisy Candles:

* All my candles are handmade and hand poured by yours truly!

* I use a top quality soy wax blend, this gives you a nice clean burn

* I use top of the line scents....AND I use way more than the recommended amount to guarantee a very strong scent throw. I promise!!!

* You will get hooked to crazy daisy candles!!!

* They are made in AMERICA....I promise :)
Click here to check out my shoppe

Have the most wonderful day everyone....I am off to the Crazy Daisy candle shoppe!!!


renee said...

Yippee for new lids!! lol!
I LOVE Cinnamon Bun!! I'll be visiting your store real soon!! :)
Much love to you and happy candle selling!

stephland3 said...

The new candle's are so pretty! Great job:)

jennykate77 said...

I second that...*woot, woot* for new candles...and candle labels...and candle lids! SO EXCITING!!! I want to go straight to Etsy and start shopping away, but then I could be there for, I promise I'll visit soon, but for now it's back to work...back to the real world :P

jennykate77 said...

One last thing before I go...

I LOVE a million times over :)

Katie said...

I'm seriously going to have to get one. I love ones you can smell. I just bought one of those cake ones and it smelled up the whole kitchen. I actually put it away it was pretty stong. I love it though. I will have to get one of yours soon.

Anonymous said...
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Twice as Nice said...

Very cute labels. Do you make them yourself? Do you have a caramel scent?

Sandy Michelle said...

Hey Melissa! I need a nice strong Christmas smelling candle so this is perfect for me! I just ordered one off of you:)

Sandy xox