Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday Thankfulls....

1. God

2. My husband Randy

3. My three brilliant kids

4. My sister, brother in law, mom and dad

5. I am so thankful that my husband will be home from work tonight until Sunday!! woo hoo

6. For the day with my sister tomorrow...watching Twilight...i seriously just started wiggling in my chair with excitement!!

7. My ability to stay focused and positive. I had a really bad day yesterday...and today...i am only looking forward and I am happy.

8. For my candle store. Making candles (quality awesome) candles is a new found passion of mine.

9. for coffee...always thankful for my coffee. Speaking of coffee...has anyone tried the new Hazelnut Biscotti coffee mate creamer?? Oh my so yummy!

10. For salted caramel hot chocolates with a shot of espresso from Starbucks....i will be getting one today! This will also be on my confessions again tomorrow!!

11. For is so awesome to interact with all of you, I am so very thankful for it!!

12. I am so thankful that I talked my husband into putting ALL of our Christmas decorations out this weekend!!! I cannot wait!!!

13. For this coming Sunday. My family is all coming over and we are going to EAT and play Wii ! That's what we do people...we EAT ...and we burn it off with the Wii !!! I love it

14. really good kisses

15. For KIND people

I hope that all of you have the most wonderful Thursday!!! SMILE


Anonymous said...

you are awesome :) Your list made me smile & I am writing mine right now. Where did you get the Thankful Thursday tag? Have a good day :) Have fun at Twilight, I want to see it soon......

jennykate77 said...

These are wonderful...just like you! I love the eating and then playing the Wii to burn it off! LOL :) Love you!!

Did you read my Crazy Daisy Candle post from yesterday? :P

JEWEL said...

Happy Thursday to you too .... blo about Twilight!

Sandy Michelle said...

I love salty hot chocolate too..yum! Thanks sooo much for the larger candle! It came just in time for me to light it up for my Christmas craft sale this Saturday:)


Anonymous said...

You can add me :) I don't know how to show my favorite blogs? Do you? Have a great time @ twilight.... I can't wait to hear if it is good. :)

Katie said...

I got my first book today Twilight.. Can't wait fill me in on the movie.