Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Confessions.....

1. Taco Bell not once but TWICE

2. i was having a bit of road rage...i threw my arms up to a car. When i took a closer was my old choir teacher who I adored! I felt like an idiot.

3.I feel like I spent wayyyyy to much time on the computer. I think I am going to start making a schedule. This way the house wont be a disaster up until Friday. It's pretty bad when your 4 yr old says to me last night, "Mommy...are you just cleaning because daddy's coming home?"

4. I have learned that stupid financial decisions made in my early 20's DO catch up to you! One big mistake crept up on me on Wednesday. I am over it though....Yes I am over it.

***there was a big pause here....because I just spilled my entire cup of coffee on my self..nice..ugh***

5. Okay...back to my list. I bought a big bag of peanut butter cups and a big bag of kit kat to fill the jar in the kitchen. So much for Dr. Phil's "No fail environment"

6. I am taking the girls to get professional pictures tonight with my sister. Here is the confession portion...Allie is 18mon and this is her FIRST professional picture...i know it...I am ashamed!

7. Okay people...this confession is monumentally huge! I am taking my son (7th grader) out of school that I can go with my sister to see Twilight! Yes...I even called my mom and asked her if I could...I just felt like i needed her permission! But she said and I quote, "Melissa, never do things like that...and he is practically a straight A student, I think it will be fine" So there you gives me a thumbs I am so there! I do feel a little of lingering guilt...BUT considering I very rarely do anything for myself...I'm gonna splurge today! I will be there at 1:00pm with my sister...and huge tub of popcorn with huge Coke...and some sort of chocolate candy on the side!!! I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!! Edward here I come ***sigh***

...oh ya speaking of Edward. Last night in the car my son says, " listen it's Edward..he is on the radio doing an interview!" Then he asks, "you don't really LoVe him do you mom?" Oh lord...I think I may have taken my obsession too far!! lol

Okay everyone....I'm out. I have to get a million things done before I go pick up Michael EARLY! By the way he does not see this as a confession...he sees it as a TRUE blessing!!!


Avery Tales said...

That is too funny!!! Enjoy Twilight, you deserve it! I'm not going to see the movie until I've read the book. I know, I know, I'm so not one of the "cool kids". I'll eventually read the thing.

Jessica said...

haha I love it, I totally told my 8 year old to take care of his little sister this a.m. so I could sleep in from going to the midnight schow last night. Bad Mommy!!! haha Whatever, it didn't work anyway and I got up earlier than I normally do. It's not a big deal, it's not like you're a bar hopper or coming down from your speed binge so you couldn't take your kid to school, you're a good Mom and you wanted to do something for yourself for a change, it's a good thing! (I'm justifying here...!) ha

jennykate77 said...

OMGosh! I'm so loving these and you. You are cracking me up big time. I can totally relate to ALL (and I mean ALL) of the Twilight confessions. So, your shirt glows in the dark?!?! How cool! I'm getting ready to try mine out in the bathroom. I'm wearing my "Team Cullen" one today. This is the one I decided to wear for the movie, because I feel like I'm supporting all of my favorites. lol...I got it bad. So, you're going at 2:00 my time...I'll call you when I get out...that'll probably be 8:00 your time. How late will you be up tonight? Well, I call you anyway. I'm going to dinner after the movie, so it might be a little late. Oh, and I totally almost stated in my confessions "one more food confession and these will be Melissa's"...I meant that in the most loving way possible...seriously, love you to a million pieces! Was there a Starbucks confession in there? Maybe I missed it. Well, since I've wrote a novel, I'll go now. That's what you get for not answering my phone calls :) Love you so much!

~*Mistee*~ said...

You are so darn cute!! Ok, I want a report back on TWILIGHT fast sister!!!! :0)

The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...