Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Confessions..... as I was rehashing all the bad things I did this week, and I had a revelation! I defiantly have food issues! As you will soon see....half of my confessions have something to do with food!

First of all...we went to shrimp fest at Red Lobster on Sunday after the pumpkin patch...need I say more??? (food confession #1)

On Tuesday I had to do a post office run to mail a candle order to Australia. I was parking my car and I noticed out of the corner of my eye a lady with like 4 boxes getting out of her car. I totally should have walked over to help this lady with her boxes....BUT instead I scrambled out of my car as fast as I could (I even attempted to jump out of the car with my seat belt STiLL fastened). I practically ran to the post office door and jumped in line....I did not want to be stuck behind her in line! My goodness...that was so mean! Okay then on Tuesday night, I ate a box of milk duds for dinner (while watching the biggest loser no less). I do not know when I will learn that just because Walgreen's sells movie box candy 3 for $4.00...that I always need to take advantage of that deal!!! Okay so that was food confession #2.

Okay this confession is pretty embarrassing...but these are I have to be honest here! Okay....I pretty much forced my kids to watch "The great pumpkin Charlie Brown" this week like 3 times. There was one instance where I actually threatened to take away Michael's cell phone if he did not watch with me! Today is Halloween...and you better believe that THEY WILL watch with me one more time!!! ALL ABOUT food confessions!! Lets see here....Anna had her Halloween party at pre school, and when we got home I ate like 3 pieces of her candy (this is just the beginning people). We went to ice skating lessons that night, and me and Michael shared Nachos and a pretzel and a coke while watching her! While we were eating, I looked up at Michael and said, "Do you remember what they said about nachos on the Biggest loser this week?" LOL....they are basically toxic (although..we kept eating)! Okay after ice skating we were walking to the car and Anna claimed that she was "dying of thirst". We went into the coffee shop that is right my the ice rink to get a water. I was paying for the water and I could not resist these stupid EVIL peanut butter rice crispy treats that they ALWAYS have sitting by the register. I stuck it in my bag (i did pay)lol ....i was still full from the junk at the ice rink, so i was going to save it for later. So.....moving right along....we stopped and got taco bell on the way home (I know what you are thinking...i know...i am ashamed!) I go to bed at around midnight because as you all know I am addicted to the Twilight books (that's a confession in itself). But here is the early morning Friday confession. I wake up at around 2:00am. I go in the kitchen for a drink of water....and what do I remember?? The rice crispy treat!!! I take it out of my bag and eat almost half of it!!!! Seriously, besides pregnant women...who does that??? So I went back to bed with a little tummy ache...because those treats really are down right wretched. (these would be food confessions #3, 4, 5 and 6)

Holy cow.....that was some confession!!! I do feel better though...regardless all my blogger friends probably now think I am even more of a lunatic!!

Okay...I am off for a day of Halloween fun! We are going to play in the leaves, make a Halloween craft, carve another pumpkin....and of course watch the Great pumpkin Charlie Brown one last time!! Then trick or treating tonight of course!!

Have a wonderful and safe Halloween everyone!!


jennykate77 said...

LOVE them...L-O-V-E them...LOVE YOU! I absolutely do NOT think you're a lunatic...very funny and totally adorable, but not a lunatic. The Charlie Brown thing is hilarious, because I myself tried to be all nostalgic and sit down and watch it with Isaiah (who was NOT interested). He told me, "I don't really like Charlie Brown...Snoopy is OK, but it's not my favorite." WHAT?! Not his favorite? He's 4! How can it be? I'm crushed.

All of the food confessions are cracking me up. I'm only laughing because it's a relief to know that I'm not the only one who is lured in by yummy goodness of nachos, rice crispy treats, and candy.

Love you to pieces!

jennykate77 said...

Ok, about the Twilight series. My friend Mary is onto something. She was saying that the 5th book won't be out until February, so she's pacing herself. See, she's done with the 3rd book, but doesn't want to buy the 4th book for another month or so, because she doesn't want to have to wait so long to read the next book. I think it's a good idea.

Not sure this is the appropriate place to leave this comment? It's random, I know. I'm random.

Sandy Michelle said...

Confessions are thereapeutic and you will find a lot of us have similar issues. I for example have a serious addiction to food! I am on a diet program but I cheat all the time!!!!! Have fun carving pumpkins and watching Charlie Brown..again..LOL!

Spooky Sandy

Drama queens mum said...

You're so funny. I love your blog.

~*Mistee*~ said...

Hey girlie! SO have you finished the 2nd book yet! I am ALMOST done, I think I have 20 pages or so left and I bought Eclipse last night! :) I can't find Breaking Dawn anywhere though! I might have to pace myself!!

Rue said...

You crack me up Melissa LOL I make my kids watch Charlie Brown too! Oh and you don't want to get me started on my food confessions.... so sad...

I hope you had a great Halloween :)

renee said...

Love your confessions!! All of them...totally sounds like my life! lol!! And yes, Jenny's 2nd comment was totally random, that's her though! I'm going to check out this 'Twilight' craze that's going on!! But I love reading your blog...too cute!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

You are so funny! It is sooo hard to say no to food, I am so with you! I am laughing at making the kids watch Charlie Brown, so cute! If I bought something to "save" it for later and it was just sitting there, I would so eat it too, ha!

Andy said...

Melissa, that's quite brave of you for sharing your food confessions, haha. I think it's fine to treat yourself sometimes though.

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Andy Gerrard
Brand Ambassador

stephland3 said...

I love your confessions. I swear we have the same confessions every time:) You are too funny!