Monday, October 20, 2008

Time for tea.....

Last night me and Anna had the most wonderful tea party!

We even baked our own little choc chip cookies for the occasion!

Of course We had to invite some friends....

The tea was so perfect

Look at Mrs. Kitty's pleading eyes...she is really wanting a bite of cookie!

The cookies were so yummy...they were so tiny...which made them feel "Guilt free" for me!!

Mrs. Kitty did get a bite!

"Cheers Big ears" Thats what we like to say!!

What a simply lovely party that was!

Remember...."Simplicity". Create special moments and the end that's all that will matter!


jennykate77 said...

What a FABULOUS tea party! I really wish I was invited. I love the tiny tea cups...and the tiny cookies...on the tiny plates...witht the tiny party guests! Too cute! Looks like lots of fun.

Thanks for sharing!

Love you to pieces!

Katie said...

Okay I can't wait till Lauren is older. I have had enough with all the baby stuff, really. After 3 I have fufilled my baby fix. I want her to be older so we can have fun like this. Your daughter is so cute.

Heather said...

Your daughter is the cutest! Where is the picture of you in the party hat?

Sandy Michelle said...

How cute!!!! My daughter saw the pix and said "Omg I want a tea party with my pet shops pets too!"


Julie said...

boy what a great tea party! my nieces love to have tea parties I love all of her bling:)

Christy said...

How absolutley adorable! I love your saying at the end about the memories will be all that matter!
So True!

The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

Okay seriously where is my comment I thought I had left one when I was here the other day...okay, well agian..I'm loving the bling...And the party hat,,okay where is your party hat..I'm going to have to send a crown to you..looks like a great party and I want a cookie..xoxoxo

Margaret Cloud said...

What a sweet little girl, there is nothing like spending quality time with your children. This tea party looked very inviting, thanks for sharing with us.