Monday, September 29, 2008

October is almost here!!!

I cannot believe that October is just a few days away!! Me and my girls dug out the Halloween decorations today! This year was a challenge because my daughter Anna demanded that we do not take down the "regular fall" decorations because even though it's's still Fall too!! I usually take down the fall stuff during October and put it back up after Halloween for November. Here is a picture of the front of the house. My sweet corn did horrible this year...but at least I get to use the stalks for decorating!!

Here is what I will be busy with this week! I have some orders to complete with these adorable Hallowween candle holders. I bought extra...they will be in my candle store by the end of the week! They are 3.50 a piece or 2 for 5.00. They will be filled with pumpkin spice candles...they smell wonderful!! I make my candles with soy wax, so they will clean up with just a bit of soapy water so that you can reuse them for votives!!

Okay...I am off to watch It's the Great pumpkin Charlie Brown with my girls!! Oh and happy Birthday to my lovely Jenny Kate on Oct 1st!!! I hope your package makes it on time! Love you

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Things I buy:

I know this is a completely random Blog...but I thought it would be fun to make a list of things or products that I always buy, then to see some of your lists of things that YOU all buy on a regular basis!

1. Starbucks breakfast blend coffee
2. Followed with Coffee mate Hazelnut creamer (such a must)
3. Tony Chacheres original creole seasoning (seriously, this stuff makes hamburger helper taste like a gourmet meal) :)
4. Pureology shampoo and conditioner (in the purple bottle) :)
5. Tide WITH downy
6. Downy liquid fabric softener (love this)
7.Dove body wash
8.Intuition razor (oh my gosh...seriously...this thing is awesome..the soap is built onto the!!)
9.Wild honeysuckle hand soap and lotion from bath and body works
10. Calvin Klein Eternity perfume (I have been wearing this for like 10 yrs...i just love it!)
11. Huggies
12. germ-X Soft wipes (oh man these are amazing...being a bit of a germaphobic girl....these go everywhere with me. They are at Walmart by the check out stands...they are individually wrapped BIG disposable antibacterial soft wipes! I love them
13.GoGurt...seriously...I don't know how we ever get along without these???
14. I always have to have wonderful smelling candles at hand..lucky I make my own I always have a good stock! I burn them morning to night!! I love fall and winter scents

Okay so I admit since I have no projects going on at the time (besides candle making).....I was having a bit of Bloggers Block :) But the post was fun to write while drinking my morning coffee anyway!!

Have a brilliant Thursday everyone!! Tonight is the season premier of Ugly Betty....I LOVE THAT SHOW!!! woo hoo

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Bucket List

My new wonderful blogger friend "French" did a bucket list on her blog. There is a wonderful movie called the Bucket list about two men who get to do all the things they ever wanted to do before they die. So here is my bucket list if I had an endless supply of money (these are just in a random order):

FIRST I would be talking to God even more than I do now...and I would give my church WAY more than I do now..... husband and whole family would quit there jobs and do whatever they LOVE.....

1. Go on a cruise around the world with my husband.

2. See my kids grow into happy adults with families of there own

3. Rent out homes for dirt cheap if not free to single mothers

4. take trips to: Ireland, Italy, Africa and Spain

5. Buy a home in the mountains

6. Move my best friend Lisa and her family to Colorado

7. Open a store/coffee shop with Lisa

8. Go to a sooners game with my friend Jennykate...then go shopping and buy "US" whatever we want!!!

9. Buy my dad a white jeep

10. Provide for my entire family

11. Go on the Ellen show to hug her and dance with her!!

12. Take my kids to Disney world

13. Go with my husband to a Nascar race

14. give to dozens of charities every single month ( i would love to do that)

15. Go back to Alaska and do everything we did on our honeymoon over again

16. On Halloween...i would travel all the way to Oregon to get pumpkins from the Roloff farms!! (im a little weird..i know this) lol
17. Run a marathon...i will do this!!!
18. see a show in New York
19. swim with dolphins
20. Sky dive...maybe
21. go fly fishing with my husband whenever we want
22. wake up with randy every morning and have coffee together

wow...i had wayyyy to much fun with this!!! I'm sure there would be 50 more things on my list...but the girls want out of the i better run!!! Thanks French...this was fun! :)

Okay I wanna see your "Bucket list"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just Something I wrote....

Wow....It is so high up here, but it is so beautiful! I am looking down at this huge place we call Earth. Wow...everything is so small..almost insignificant from where I am at.
I see all these little people running around so fast....In circles in seems
I see little cars driving around so fast...everyone is in such a rush
I see people running out of stores..with lots of stuff...LOTS and LOTS of STUFF
I see people sad..some people are sad because they don't think they have enough? I'm confused...they have a nice looking house...full with PLENTY of food to eat, a car that gets them from A to B. Pretty grass in the yard to enjoy with the kids. Those people have it made! I see these other people sad because they are hungry and they feel so helpless watching there babies that is a sad place to be...I wish all these other people could get a glimpse of their sadness for just a minute.
I see People stressing over what they don't have...they are so stressed that they are not even noticing what they DO have. Wow...and they have sooo much...I wish they could just see from up here!
I see people in such a hurry many people shushing there kids to be quiet because they are so stressed and in a hurry.
I see people lying and cheating to get to the top. Where is the top?? I AM ON TOP....this is where the top is......and it is looking not so pretty looking down.


I see beautiful flowers and beautiful green leaves blowing on the trees. I see mothers hugging and loving their kids...oh how the kids LOVE to feel this love and warmth. I see families playing together at parks and having picnics. Wow...these are the beautiful things,,,,these are the things that really matter...these are all the things that the kids will remember.
I am so happy that I had the chance to be up here on this was a beautiful view and insightful! I hope that my vision helped someone else out there to think twice about what are time here on earth is really about. All I know is that I am going to breath...and just slow down....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A dose of Randomness....

Okay so I find myself on this brilliant Tuesday having random things to blog to you all about. First things first......last night while preparing a grilled cheese for my daughter, I set the stove on fire!! I had totally forgotten that while in the process of making instant mashed potato's to go with my meatloaf on Sunday dinner, it had overflowed out of the pan and left a mess in the burner! So I have to admit that I have had a small stove fire before, although it went out after just hitting it a few times with a kitchen towel. This time was a bit different....I look over and POOF...flames were coming up around the skillet, so I grabbed my pumpkin towel off the oven and I started swatting it, only it kept getting bigger and bigger! I was so scared...the kids were at the table watching me, prob thinking that there mom is nuts! I was screaming and I just kept hitting went out and the kitchen was full of smoke!! So the real funny part about the story was later that evening. I was in the living room with my 4yr old Anna. She looked up on the ceiling and freaked out at the sight of a fly (she hates flies) so...i jump up to get a fly swatter and she says to herself, "Geese...first our house is on fire...then there's a fly!" Oh my goodness...i was cracking up, she is so dang cute!! moving along! I just recently discovered thrift stores!! I know what your thinking, "Where on Earth has this girl been hiding?" Anyway...better late than never, I am so addicted now! Searching for treasures to clean and fix up and make my own is just so much fun! Here are some recent things I found:

I thought this piece of furniture was adorable! I can't wait to paint it and make it beautiful! I am not sure where I will put it...but Anna has made it quiet clear that it would look perfect in HER room!

I am like a "Jar scavenger" I love to use recycled glass to make my homemade candles in my etsy store! I thought those xmas mugs would be perfect to hold some Holiday scents!

Okay My list bit of randomness is regarding my poor African Violet! My mother in law gave it to me. For my husbands grandmothers funeral someone gave a beautiful African Violet plant. Well it got so big that My Mother in law took it to a nursery and had it re potted in several different little pots. I was so happy when she gave me one. It was special to me because I loved Randy's grandma so dearly, and it was sentimental to me. I have never been good with plants so I was worried right away that i would kill it. It is not doing so well....I was told that it needs to sit in an East facing window, which I do not have ONE!! So it faces the North. I water it once a week like i was told, and I even purchased African Violet food to mix with the water! Still it is limp and dying before my eyes...I don't know what else to do?? Any advice out there?? I know it's just a plant...and I seriously prob sound like a drama queen...but this plant means a lot to me.

Okay...that is my ramblings for the day!!! I hope you all have a wonderful Bliss filled day!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Something to inspire YOU

This day is the day YOUR dreams start coming true. And setting them in motion is simple. Just make today a day to believe, not doubt. A day to hope, not to fear. A day to act, instead of holding back. A day to imagine the best future possible. Because that's what lies ahead!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Get your Fall Candles!!

One of the things I spent time doing this summer was perfecting the art of candle making. I have to admit...when I started this venture of mine, I had no idea that it would actually be an "art". I was thinking I could throw a wick in a glass mason jar...melt up some wax..add some scent and let it cool! can do it that way if you don't mind the candles hollowing out in the middle with a max burn time of...say like 10 min! Or if you don't mind having to literally stick your nose in the flame to smell the scent (which i do not recommend doing!) OUCH

So anyway....after months of trial and error, I finally got my candles just the way I love my candles to be! Beautiful and so strong that the scent lingers throughout my whole house! I am so proud of them, and I must say that I am quiet addicted to creating new scents!

I now have several Fall scents in my candle store just waiting to cozy up your home! I make my candles very decorative and they make a perfect gift! I just added SOY candles to my store!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First day of PRE K

"It's not pre's PRE K!" That's what Anna will be quick to tell anyone who dares call it pre school! Yesterday was her first day and she was so excited...not to mention so adorable! She is such a girly cracks me up! She had her clothes ready the night before, and everything has to match!! I just take so much joy every single day being a mom....watching my kids grow is just an amazing journey. Thank you God for my three children!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Harvest Fest

Oh how I love the Fall! This past weekend me and my husband took the kids to the local Harvest Fest. It was such a great day; watching Anna on the ponies, seeing Allie's face light up in the petting zoo, seeing Michael's face light up when he saw the kettle corn booth (so yummy)! The best part of the day was when we got ready to leave and instead crying for more, Anna looked up and said, "Thank you mommy and daddy for taking us today". **sigh** Me and my husband must be doing something right!! Days like these remind me what's important to me in life....My family and enjoying the simplicity of life!

I asked my husband, "Please honey can I get a baby goat?"
Anna looking so proud on the pony ride, with her daddy by her side!

Of course she had to go for the pink bucket!

Michael is the ultimate big brother!

Remember to count your blessings and enjoy the simple things in life!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Fall flower arrangement

Okay so I was at Michael's searching for the perfect Fall arrangement for my kitchen table. I really did not want to spent $75.00..thats how much the one was that I really had my eye on! I decided to make my own...not from scratch though...because that still would have been like $40.00 (geese...i sure am getting cheap). So I was thinking that maybe I could buy a couple of berry and fall leaf twigs and just add them to my existing summer table arrangement!! It worked...I think it looks great and I ended up spending only about $8.00! Woo hoo!!

Happy Fall...and be sure to go to for other fall decorating tips!!


Thursday, September 4, 2008

My soul sister

I'm not to sure how I got so lucky to find my best friend and soul mate sister....but I thank god everyday that I have! I wanted to dedicate this post to her and to her AMAZING creativity! I have never seen such beautiful things as I do in her etsy stores. Please please check them out....this would be a great place to find those unique special holiday gifts!



Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fall...Fall...Fall...Oh how I love the Fall

Fall has most favorite season of the year! Me and my daughter started our Fall decorating.....and this is what we have so far! Check back soon...we are so not done yet!! Happy Fall! Please check out this wonderful website for other fall decorating ideas: