Monday, September 22, 2008

My Bucket List

My new wonderful blogger friend "French" did a bucket list on her blog. There is a wonderful movie called the Bucket list about two men who get to do all the things they ever wanted to do before they die. So here is my bucket list if I had an endless supply of money (these are just in a random order):

FIRST I would be talking to God even more than I do now...and I would give my church WAY more than I do now..... husband and whole family would quit there jobs and do whatever they LOVE.....

1. Go on a cruise around the world with my husband.

2. See my kids grow into happy adults with families of there own

3. Rent out homes for dirt cheap if not free to single mothers

4. take trips to: Ireland, Italy, Africa and Spain

5. Buy a home in the mountains

6. Move my best friend Lisa and her family to Colorado

7. Open a store/coffee shop with Lisa

8. Go to a sooners game with my friend Jennykate...then go shopping and buy "US" whatever we want!!!

9. Buy my dad a white jeep

10. Provide for my entire family

11. Go on the Ellen show to hug her and dance with her!!

12. Take my kids to Disney world

13. Go with my husband to a Nascar race

14. give to dozens of charities every single month ( i would love to do that)

15. Go back to Alaska and do everything we did on our honeymoon over again

16. On Halloween...i would travel all the way to Oregon to get pumpkins from the Roloff farms!! (im a little weird..i know this) lol
17. Run a marathon...i will do this!!!
18. see a show in New York
19. swim with dolphins
20. Sky dive...maybe
21. go fly fishing with my husband whenever we want
22. wake up with randy every morning and have coffee together

wow...i had wayyyy to much fun with this!!! I'm sure there would be 50 more things on my list...but the girls want out of the i better run!!! Thanks French...this was fun! :)

Okay I wanna see your "Bucket list"


French said...

Ohh you had some good ones I too would love to be on the Ellen show and dance with her that would be a hoot! Thanks for playing along! French;)

Heather said...

I did a bucket list post back in January. I only had 5 things. You had some great ones. Donating to a charity on a regular basis would be wonderful. Here's the link to my post

jennykate77 said...

What a list, Sweetie! LOVE IT! I think #8 is GREAT! :) Could I also be included in #7...I'm a fabulous barista :) I'll try to post my list today or tomorrow.

Love you!

The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

I love you...yep,,,love you..bunches...And Jenny would be great in our shop...sounds fabulous....And fun..I love you...xoxoox

jennykate77 said...

Well, on my list I forgot to mention meeting you...IN PERSON...that's I went back and edited my list :)

Love you, sweetie!