Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A dose of Randomness....

Okay so I find myself on this brilliant Tuesday having random things to blog to you all about. First things first......last night while preparing a grilled cheese for my daughter, I set the stove on fire!! I had totally forgotten that while in the process of making instant mashed potato's to go with my meatloaf on Sunday dinner, it had overflowed out of the pan and left a mess in the burner! So I have to admit that I have had a small stove fire before, although it went out after just hitting it a few times with a kitchen towel. This time was a bit different....I look over and POOF...flames were coming up around the skillet, so I grabbed my pumpkin towel off the oven and I started swatting it, only it kept getting bigger and bigger! I was so scared...the kids were at the table watching me, prob thinking that there mom is nuts! I was screaming and I just kept hitting it...finally....it went out and the kitchen was full of smoke!! So the real funny part about the story was later that evening. I was in the living room with my 4yr old Anna. She looked up on the ceiling and freaked out at the sight of a fly (she hates flies) so...i jump up to get a fly swatter and she says to herself, "Geese...first our house is on fire...then there's a fly!" Oh my goodness...i was cracking up, she is so dang cute!!

Okay...so moving along! I just recently discovered thrift stores!! I know what your thinking, "Where on Earth has this girl been hiding?" Anyway...better late than never, I am so addicted now! Searching for treasures to clean and fix up and make my own is just so much fun! Here are some recent things I found:

I thought this piece of furniture was adorable! I can't wait to paint it and make it beautiful! I am not sure where I will put it...but Anna has made it quiet clear that it would look perfect in HER room!

I am like a "Jar scavenger" I love to use recycled glass to make my homemade candles in my etsy store! I thought those xmas mugs would be perfect to hold some Holiday scents!

Okay My list bit of randomness is regarding my poor African Violet! My mother in law gave it to me. For my husbands grandmothers funeral someone gave a beautiful African Violet plant. Well it got so big that My Mother in law took it to a nursery and had it re potted in several different little pots. I was so happy when she gave me one. It was special to me because I loved Randy's grandma so dearly, and it was sentimental to me. I have never been good with plants so I was worried right away that i would kill it. It is not doing so well....I was told that it needs to sit in an East facing window, which I do not have ONE!! So it faces the North. I water it once a week like i was told, and I even purchased African Violet food to mix with the water! Still it is limp and dying before my eyes...I don't know what else to do?? Any advice out there?? I know it's just a plant...and I seriously prob sound like a drama queen...but this plant means a lot to me.

Okay...that is my ramblings for the day!!! I hope you all have a wonderful Bliss filled day!!!


The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

OMG,,I have never caught the stove on fire...lol..you crack me up to funny well scary but funny...I can not grow house plant at all,,,never I always kill them,,,good luck...and that table and your glass treasures,,now I want to go looking..I love you..xoxo

jennykate77 said...

What is this world coming to...kitchen fires, flies on the ceiling, dying african violets...Geez! LOL...Anna is adorable. Isaiah would save her from the flies. He's swift with the swatter! Too funny, but I'm glad you guys are alright. Fires are scary no matter how small. I love your thrift store finds! That's great stuff! If I can think of any advice on the plant issue, I'll let you know.

Great blog!

Love you!

Sandy Michelle said...

Kids say the darndest things! I always forget about our espresso pot and burn my coffee a lot!Thanks for visiting my blog!

Sandy xox

French said...

Been there done that~~~that's why I try to do my best to stay OUT of the kitchen (hack) I hate cooking! Thanks for poping in! Aren't you just the cutest thing! See we already have something in common~~my title "THE STORY OF US" one of my favorite movies as well as pretty in pink~~~Gotta love Duckie! Drop by anytime! French;) aka Lisa

Twice as Nice said...

Do ever go to this
blogyouhttp://terriedj.blogspot.com/ She knows EVERYTHING about plants. I'm sure she would help you and let her know Twice as nice sent ya :o)

Twice as Nice said...

Now why didn't that come out like I typed it?



Angie said...

So glad you put out the fire and everyone survived! I haven't caught the stove on fire, but one time in my previous house I was trying to start a fire in the fireplace and the damper was closed. Smoke went everywhere and I ran and got my neighbor and she saved the day by opening it up. I was so scared! I love thrift stores and also garage sales. I am amazed at what i find for so little money. The picket fence cabinet is too cute!