Monday, December 1, 2008

Thursday Thankfulls...better late than never!

Okay so....I know it's Monday, but I was out of town last Thursday...and there is just know way that I cannot do a final Thursday thankful for the last Thursday of November Thankfulls! Especially since last Thursday was THE day of all Thankfullness!!

1. faith in God is always number one

2. My husband. He is such a hard worker, and he sacrifices so much for me and the kids. He loves me more than anything, and he is a wonderful dad. I thank god for him each and every day.

3. My kids...but on this special edition of Thursday Thankfulls...I am going to do my kids all separate.

Michael: I am so thankful for my son Michael. He has always been so affectionate (even now in the midst of his "challenging" 13 yr old "pre teen" attitude). He is super talented, he has been in over 15 professional plays. He is a straight A student, and he is in Honors math. He spent ALL his money on his sister Anna last year on a new bike for Christmas. He is so caring, I love him so much and I thank God for him every day.

Anna: I am so very Thank full for my Anna Banana. She is so loving, caring and so dang Funny. She loves to cuddle with me, and I just adore her sensitive heart. I love her girly girl thing that she has going on...when I was a kid, I was so not like that. She makes me smile everyday. I thank God for her everyday.

Allie: I am so very thankful for my Allie Bug. I will admit she is a handful.....but I really would not have it any other way. She is stubborn, and she goes after what she wants! She is hilarious, she already loves to make people laugh. I cannot wait to watch her grow in the next year. For Allie I thank God everyday!

4. My sister. She is the most caring, loving person I know. She is always there for me and I love that I can act like a complete idiot with her and she still loves me just as much!! She is my best friend, I am so thank full to be able to ALWAYS have her in my life. She just got married last August and I am also very thankful for my new fun loving brother in law. He treats my sister like a princess, and I am very thank full for him

5. My madre and my padre. They are incredibly supportive. I love them both so much...and I am so thankful for them everyday.

6. My dog Denali. He is so lovable to me and the kids. He will also bite the head off of a stranger if they broke in...for that I am very Thank full.

7. I am Thankful that we were able to fly to Iowa and spend Thanksgiving with my in laws. We ate Thanksgiving dinner at a casino buffet that was awesome!! lol. We did have the "real dinner" on Saturday.

8. I am thank full for my house! I bought this house from my parents. It was the house that i lived in as a kid. It may be an 1980's house with popcorn ceilings...and it defiantly is not big enough. BUT....I love this house, and me and my husband have been making in our own for the past 6 yrs.

9. On a lighter note....I am thank full for coffee, candles, flannel pants, clean surfaces, clean sheets, Twilight series books, holidays, the mountains, traveling, shopping, Christmas decorations, Christmas music and movies, Twilight (oh..i already said that...well I am VERY thank full for those books!) Low gas prices, the craft show this weekend that I am in!!!

10. Kind and giving people. I strive to be more kind and giving EVERYDAY.
11. I am so thankfull for my blogging. It is such a wonderful outlet, and I love all the friends that I make. I am so thankful for my JennyKate and Lisa. I cannot imagine my life without them!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Remember to be Thank full year round everyday. It is extremely to focus on what you DO HAVE oppose to what you DO NOT have!!


jennykate77 said...

I love all of your Thankfuls! I'm thankful for you too! I'm so glad your back!!! I missed you! *I just used way too many exclamation marks*

Love you so much :)

Ma'dame French said...

You have a wondrful list of thankfuls there;) You know i am sorta starting to understand the whole addiction to a character thing I have fallen totally in love with Johnathan Rhys Meyers from August Rush....he makes my blood boil! Have pics on me blog too:) French