Saturday, December 27, 2008

Anna's 5th Birthday and Christmas!

Wowwie...I have not been here in sooo long! This morning sickness is seems like everything I do makes it worse. I know this sounds so absurd, but seriously if I sit down to the laptop...I feel even more sick! It's crazy. I can't smell or drink coffee...or make or burn candles...or drive in the car....BLOG!!!!! OMG....I really really hope this subsides soon...what will I do with myself?? I so miss all my friends here, and I really miss reading all of your blogs. I feel pretty good this morning so I thought I would do a quick entry about Anna's 5th bday on December 16th and Christmas. I hope you all had the most wonderful Holidays. Santa brought us a Wii...and ya....can you say, "Wii addicts"? Oh my goodness...we all need a support group over here!! I will talk to you all soon!!

Anna on her 5th Birthday

I love her!!!

We went Ice skating...Anna wanted to show everyone what she has been learning in her lessons! It was Uncle Gabe's 1st time...i must say he was impressive!!

Daddy and Anna


Christmas morning. Randy and Denali (he was allowed on the was Christmas after all)...the dog that

Anna Christmas Morning

Michael being...well

Allie opening her stocking

Happy New year to you all!!


The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

I love all the photos I still haven't loaded mine yet, the stomach flu has once again graced our home, Maddie has been sick all night long,,,ugh...I love the pick with Allie in the back with the wii The wii is kicking my butt I'm so soar, very soar,,,I turned pro bowler last night,,lol..Twilight addict now wii funny..Love you bunches..

jennykate77 said...

I love all the pics!! Glad you felt well enough to blog☺ Hope you're feeling better soon! Anna looks so cute and grown up! The Wii is totally addictive! We all could be members of WA (Wii Anonymous). I hear we need to get Mario Kart...apparently it's the best Wii game. Miss you! Love you bunches!!

Katie said...

Oh I'm sorry Melissa. Sprite and 7 up seem to really help!! Pepto too but I don't know if that is okay durning pregnancy. Your Dr. can give you some meds to help I think with the morning sickness. Looks like loads of fun at your place!!

Sandy Michelle said...

OMG your kids are sooo cute! Happy belated birthday to sweet Anna! I laughed when I saw the fire place showing on your tv cause we always make sure we turn that channel on when we're opening our stockings. I'm glad you had a fabulous Christmas too and all the best in the new year! Hope you also feel better real soon!

Sandy xox

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