Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's like riding a bike right??

As in...blogging? I have not been here in about...ahem....FOUR years!! whaaaaaaaat??? Ya, I know! I have missed writing, and I have missed the friendly connections that I would make in the blogging world. I feel like I should just jump right back if I never left!

So, here is a short and sweet update starting! Me and my handsome hubby are going on 12 years of marital bliss (most days) haha...we have had a fourth baby, her name is Alyse and she turns one yr old on May 22.

I have acquired many more hobbies in the last 4 years (spelling and punctuation NOT being one of them) such as: Organizing, gardening, baking, cooking, more organizing, living everyday with a purpose! That's what this blog will be about! and random, Kinda like me :)'s great to be back. I look forward to writing and meeting new blogging friends!!!

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