Friday, November 6, 2009

Randomness at it's finest...

I have so many random thoughts swirling around my brain like little tornado's. So...This little Blog post is dedicated to random thoughts served to you on a silver platter straight from a very quirky mind...that would be my mind....
  • First things first. Never go to bed with wet hair...but always brush your teeth at least twice a day...and floss to..i DO this now, but I hate it. Which is a random thought in itself. Why do people hate to floss? It really does not take up to much time...but everyone just despises it! Everyone knows they really should do it...but they don't! Me's so weird, and make NO sense what so ever.

  • Second of all...why in the world is there a baby fly flying around me right now? Is this not the time of year that flies die and disappear into holes or something? Did this fly hatch too late or what? Maybe he did NOT get the memo. Either way..he will see his death today if I lay my eyes on him again.

  • Have any of you seen the movie, "Under the Tuscan Sun"? I watch that every night in bed. I get lost in that movie...pretending that I am Diane Lane..running away and buying a Villa In Tuscany...really living. Someday maybe.

  • Routine. I know that when you have three kids..routine is essential. But I'm so not routine...Sometimes I think i am to adventuress and spontaneous for my own good. When the kids are all away at college working on their phd's...I'm gonna wake up some mornings and go online, buy a random plane ticket (Italy or Hawaii preferably) and just thinking..just flying away.

  • Spaghetti tacos..think about could be a good thing!

  • Is it weird that I spell check stuff like every three minutes, oppose to just doing it all at once at the end of my writing?

  • Oh...and here is a random thought that has really been weighing me down. If you DVR something, does it still get credit for the shows ratings? I worry that the shows that i LOVE are not getting credit because I am DVR ing them oppose to watching them live? Any thoughts on this?? Anyone? anyone?


  • Seriously...I am a HORRIBLE speller, it is so embarrassing! Is there a way to get better at that? Or did i just miss out on something in like third grade, and now I'm just screwed?

  • do you notice that in the grocery stores they put all the really surgery crappy for you cereals at the bottom for the kids to see...and all the healthy stuff wayyyy at the top? Check it out...they do!

  • You know..This thought is just way to deep..especially following a thought regarding cereal placement. But really...sometimes i DO NOT get life...and what is thrown at you at certain times? Why people come into your life at the wrong's so frustrating! I can only hope that someday down the road it will make sense..but it sucks at the time when it makes NO sense at all!!

  • Is it wrong that when i smile at a complete stranger to make their day brighter, and they look back at me with a glare...that i wanna then smack them in the head...hard? Why cant people just SMILE?

  • squirrels love to eat pumpkins. Why do i know this? Well...i grew my own pumpkins this year with visions of having lots and lots of pumpkins on my porch until THANKSGIVING...ya well...they ate all 10 of them!! Those furry little animals are lucky that I love them so much.

  • My college team plays tomorrow morning at 10:00am to early for hot wings and beer?

  • I can walk into a Barnes and Nobel and get lost in their for hours..i think i may have to make a trip very soon.

  • This morning 2 of my kids were putting oatmeal ON top of toast..i seriously threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Holy mother of all that's pretty...bless your heart if you made it to the end of this consisting of complete non sense!! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend...I mean that too ;-)

p.s. I totally think that fly was a literary insect..because i have not seen him once since the start of this post! He must have read that insert about him and got the heck out of dodge! Smart fly he is!!


jennykate77 said...

You're SO random. I get random...I think I'm the epitome of randomness.

I've seen Under the Tuscan Sun and I LOVE it. How cool would that be? Just go and buy a villa! Love that!

I could also spend HOURS and HOURS in B&N. I love getting lost in there. The bad thing is that someone always finds me. Why won't they just leave me alone?

Spellcheck is where my OCD kicks in. I'm a frequent spellchecker.

About people coming into your life at the wrong time, I say that everyone is in your life for a purpose. Sometimes it takes a while to know what that purpose is...and it may suck for a while...but I think in the end you look back and it all makes sense.

In regards to your 10:00am being too early for hot wings and beer, my answer would be no. It's 5:00 somewhere right??!

Love you! Hope you have a super FAB Friday!♥

Avery Tales said...

You are VERY random, but I love it!! Yes, I love Under the Tuscan Sun and also dream of running away from it all.

I'm typically a good speller, but should befriend spellcheck more often.

I always wonder the same thing about my DVR! So help me if they cancel The Good Wife or V I'll be TICKED!!

And no, 10 isn't too early for beer and wings as long as there's pig skin involved. However, this is coming from a southern girl who bleeds orange and blue!! War Eagle!! (That would be Auburn Univ. for you yankees!) ;)

You Know ... Me! said...

Okay, first and foremost - I TOTALLY agree with Jenny Kate, people come into your life for all the right reasons but often at the wrong time. It never fails. But they're there because they are supposed to be. Even when the timing proves to be completely wrong, in retrospect, we can turn around and see why it was that they were put there and when the reason wasn't there before, it one day becomes clear as day.

And again, in response to JK, I happen to enjoy being found in B & N. Especially being found by the right person.

Hot wings and beer are like cereal, they can be enjoyed at any point in the day, breakfast, lunch or dinner, shoot either could even be a midnight snack I suppose. ;)

And I would like to mention that flossing your teeth helps prevent cavities. Ahem.


shortmama said...

Why wouldnt people smile back? I love when a random person smiles at me, it brightens my day and I love doing the same for others! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Sandy Michelle said...

Ha,haaaaa!! Ok so I too ALWAYS fantasize that I am Diane Lane and I just bought a house in Tuscany out of the blue!! The other thing (and I know this is going to sounds STRANGE) is that I had a fly experience in the winter and well let's just say that I think it was a sign that I was going to get pregnant real soon. I won't get into it more cause you'll probably think I'm crazy..hee,hee! Thanks for your sweet comment on my last post!


Margie said...

I think most of us are...random! A lot of us are for some reason just too scared to admit it. I am going to have to rent Under the Tuscan Sun because I am need of a gettaway!

Love Spellcheck! Use it often!

Love the comment about beer and wings being like cereal. I totally agree! Drink one for me!

Roll Tide Roll!!!!

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