Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Confessions...whoop..

Oh man i miss doing Friday confessions!MMMkay....lets see what Melissa has been up to:

1. I said Dude...a lot at Michael's back to school night. Everyone knows that I heart the word dude...but i should prob try and refrain from saying it in front of his teachers! Although Michael's little peeps appreciated it!!

2. Titanic...that's all I can say about that. Sweet confessions...and this is one that I will NEVER regret

3. oops i did it again...again i cant go in to detail on this one either...but i had to get it off my chest!! Phew...i feel so much better =)

4. I have only flipped off one person in the car this week..but still that's not a good thing, I hate the "When Melissa gets behind the wheel personality", she can be so ugly!!

5. I watched Twilight 6 times this week!

6. I'm pretty sure I said Edwards name in the night double that!!

7. I have ate the same thing for lunch and dinner since Monday..except once. Ham and Swiss on rye. Its not really something to confess...but it's just weird!

8. I have had Starbucks way to many times to even confess..i mean remember!

9. I smoked a cigar one night on the front porch by myself one night at like 10:30pm...Who does that???

10. I washed the same load of towels that are in the washer 3 times..maybe 4!

11. Oh ya...seriously i almost hit this kid on a bike

12. I love the new Miley Cyrus song, climb. This is just so wicked embarrassing..the fact that I am actually publicly confessing about it crazy!!

13. As always on the list...watching cartoons ALONE!

14. Okay..i am adding onto confession #4. I feel i need to explain here! I am a "Grandma driver" I have kids (my precious kids) in the I drive the speed limit and I DO NOT..I repeat DO NOT turn left on orange arrows or lights. So its the people that ride my a$$ and yell at me that get me mad..and i end up flipping them off.. and at times i even get out of the car (at an orange lights) throw up my arms and yell out, "Wanna go?"

15. hmmm...#15...i need one more confession. I cannot stop at 14, that's just is one...Allie has had a crappy (literally) diaper the whole time I have been writing this blog post..I totally should have changed her by now..but I was on a roll!!! But ya...I'd better go take care of that business!!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!!!


Renee said...

I love your confessions! They make me laugh!! :D I'm totally doing one tonight!

Mrs. L said...

can't wait to talk about this one... love you,L

Sandy Michelle said...

You had me in stitches as I read all the confessions!!I'm the same way behind the wheel and I have put off diaper changing while blogging too..hee,hee!

Sandy xox

jennykate77 said...

You're so funny! I have no idea what a few of those confessions are even about, but you make me laugh anyway. I'm glad you've been blogging! I love reading what you have to say.

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