Sunday, January 18, 2009

My most amazing Birthday weekend!!

Wow...this was only the single most amazing Birthday EVER! My little sister (and bestest friend) surprised me with my close friend JennyKate! You all know her from Jennykate's spot! I am so happy that you came JennyKate...seeing you was beyond was so surreal to actually see her! Me and JennyKate met on the computer. We talk on the phone constantly and we have been friends for about a year, but we had never seen eachother. My sister and brother in law picked her up from the airport and hid her all day on Friday, later that night they brought her to Fridays for my Birthday dinner. Here is a video clip from that most amazing moment:

The best husband ever, me and JennyKate!

We just had to go see Twilight together! It was both our 3rd time..hehe
JennyKate had NEVER had you bet we headed to the Sushi Bar! She loved it...The Saki...not so much! if JennyKate was not enough of a birthday surprise, my mom and sister through me a surprise party....a TWILIGHT party!!

This was only the BEST cake EVER!!!!!
Look at the apples on the mom was so cute with all the Twilight details! She even made Blood red punch!!

Ummmm sister and Gabe bought me the iCarly charades game...i will so kick butt at this!! hehe

Thank you to my wonderful sister for bringing JennyKay here and for this amazing and unforgettable Birthday!!

This has been just the best weekend! To top it off me and JennyKate are sitting here side by side blogging!! How crazy is that??


jennykate77 said...

It was a fabulous weekend! was so great I feel like it was my birthday! I had the best time and I'm so glad that you enjoyed all your surprises! Thanks for putting up with me...and taking me for sushi and saki! I love all the pics. I'll post some soon.

(If you can believe this, I was at your house 5hours ago and now I'm sitting in my office! Crazy!)

Love you!

stephland3 said...

That is so awesome, you guys look like you had a blast:) Happy Birthday!

Heather Marie said...

HAHA! I LOVE the Twilight creative! haha
So glad you got to meet your great friend!!!

Drama queens mum said...

That's so cool that you guys got to meet. I love the video. So cute.

Ma'dame French said...

Happy Birthday!! Looks like you had a wonderful time;) Hugs Frenchxoxo

Shelly said...

I am so glad that you enjoyed your birthday weekend. You deserved it, you have been such an awesome sister to me and with all you did for me with the wedding I wanted to make this birthday special for you. I love you very much!

From your sister and best friend.

Sandy Michelle said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!OMG where do I begin?!?! First of all, your reaction to meeting your blogger friend in person made me cry..LOL! Second of all, how cool is your sister for organizing the reunion!!! Third of all LOVE the Twilight birthday cake!!!!! Your birthday ROCKED!!!!


Cherry's Jubilee said...

Happppppppppy Birthday girl! That is sooo cool you got to meet a blog friend. I would love to do that someday. I love that cake. cherry

The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

I so wish I could have been there...looks so amazing, I'm so glad you had a great weekend... and I'm so glad JennyKate got to go...I love you..xxooxo

Katie said...

I was just leaving JennyKate a reply. I want to be your third wheel this all looks so fun. Happy Birthday Melissa!!

Being Brazen said...

Looks like a great time. Your twilight party looks so great. Im also a huge twilight fan :)