Wednesday, January 14, 2009

cartoon confessions...

Okay so I don't want you to think that all we do around here is watch T.V. But the kids MOST DEFINITELY do get TV time! Usually while they watch I try and clean and get things done....BUT I have to confess that a lot of the time I watch with them! Over the past years...i have seen some crazy cartoons...and i was thinking that maybe i would put all these critiques and confessions floating around in my head into a blog! I mean hey...why not...i do have about 250 other things that I SHOULD be doing...but this sounded like a fun idea! Okay here it goes:

  • Caillou- I have NO CLUE why I even like watching this show because seriously that darn kid whines so much it drives me crazy! But for what ever deranged reason, I don't mind watching it. On a side note...who has ever seen a 4 yr old boy with ONE hair on his head??

  • Angelina Ballerina- This show is cute...I just cannot stand the little mouse's accents!! Annoying!

  • Berenstain bears- I have nothing bad to say here...I love this show! I only wish my family could just live in a tree be that perfect! You should see me and the kids sing to the opening song...ya...i know...i have issues!

  • Sponge Bob- Okay confession time! I love Sponge Bob...seriously I watch it alone!

  • Little Bear- Umm...ya...I love this show too. Don't you wish life could really be that simple

  • Oswald- OMG...i so love that little hot dog Dog. This cartoon is so sweet teaching children to put others first. Sometimes I just get so mad that Oswald is too nice and he is always getting screwed. Well...i guess in the end he never really gets screwed...but you know what I'm saying. Or Not...because I am probably the only mom who actually watches and analyzes it...LOL

  • Kipper- It cracks me up that the pig's name is just "Pig"

  • Max and Ruby- I seriously think this show is so cute! I just have one question. Where are there parents? They have a grandma down the street...but no mom and dad?

  • Noddy- This kid is such an air head...I don't understand how he lives alone and gets through the day??

  • Dora- How can you not love Dora? It is like a free 30 min of Spanish class. My daughter actually learned to count in Spanish because of Dora! I just don't get those little animals that pop out when ever Dora and Boots complete a task. Who are they??

  • Dragon Tales- this show just creeps me out.

Okay...I think I'm done. It just dawned on me...I so love my life...but Oh my goodness....I so need an adult life!! This is clearly a cry for help people!! hehe


brainella said...

I am asked to sing the theme songs to the Higglytown Heroes, the Little Einsteins and Thomas the Tank Engine quite frequently.

I find Caillou so annoying. Same with Dora and Diego. I actually like the Higglies and Handy Manny, and I can deal with the Einsteins. Max and Ruby are great though. We no longer get Noggin so we have to stick with Disney or Nick. Bah.

My son calls the shows I like to watch "boring Mommy tv". I cannot win. :-)

jennykate77 said...

I'm with you on most of those critiques. I love Max and Ruby and I'm so glad that Isaiah does too. (It always helps when he likes the cartoons that I like to watch, b/c then it's not quite so weird.☺) I like the simplicity of Max and Ruby, Little Bear and Franklin (but Isaiah says these are for "babies" now). I also love Little Bill...he's so cute and funny (written by Bill Cosby, how could it not be?☺)

This blog was too funny and cute!

Love you so MUCH♥♥

The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

Ciallo how ever you spell teacher will tell to please don't let your kids watch it...because he instills way to much whinning and the kiddo's pick it...they hate it to..I can't stand it for all the whinning. Sponge Bob I won't let the girls watch it I can't stand,,,wow a first for like me hate...LOL.. I'm so looking forward to Oliva starts on the 26th this month, we love Scooby... Little Bear, Frankle, Brienstains, She likes Dora but I don't... Uhm oh, theres more, I like Kim Possible...nothing educational there just like it...LOL.. Oh and we love love Phineaus and fhirb I have no Idea how to spell it...LOL..
Okay I better get ready to go I have to take Maddie to the Doctors now, I will call you later this everning...I love you...xoxoxo

Katie said...

Cute post, Dora screaming annoys me but Lauren Likes it, and she likes Barney.

Sandy Michelle said...

You are so young at heart and I love that! We have the same taste in cartoons! I don't know why- but I am obsessed with Caillou! I bought all the Sponge Bob Shows and movies 'for the kids', my favourite word from The Berenstain Bears- that I call me kids- is SWEETSY COLA! Little Bear and Oswald are so sweet! You can tell who controls the remote control in our house..hee,hee!

P.S My kids are jealous you got the icarly game!!!