Wednesday, May 27, 2009

weightloss update!

Wow...I'm just so proud of myself! I am still going strong with my " Weight loss Journey". I feel so great! I have to confess that my one single obstacle is WEEKENDS!! They get me every single week! It is perfectly acceptable to reward yourself once a week, just NOT the whole weekend! During the week...It's like nothing can get in my way, I really just need to figure out some balance on the weekends.

Here are some new things that I have started doing since I started:

  • I have never been a HUGE fish fan..I mean it's okay..but it was never my first choice. I knew to take my progress up a notch, I had to up my protein intake. I bought those Gordman's Fish fillets in the frozen section at the store. I love the garlic butter ones!! They are sooo yummy and super easy to prepare! I just throw them on the grill with my asparagus..and its an awesome meal! Speaking of asparagus...people always ask how i prepare it. I lay some out on foil, brush it with some extra virgin olive oil. Sprinkle with some sea salt and a little bit of garlic powder, and grill it!! It delish and sooo good for you!

  • I have been drinking 1 gallon of water per day. It seems like a lot, but with my pink nalgene bottle that holds 32 ounces, i know its just 4 of makes it not seem so bad. I have that bottle by my side always! When I'm on the couch, in the car, outside...everywhere!!

  • I am still doing religiously..well except for the weekends! Which HAS to stop!!

  • It's crazy how my lifestyle is changing! Me and my husband had a date night planned for a few weeks ago. Instead of doing it at night, I switched it to a date DAY. Typically we go out in the evening for some huge dinner with drinks. Instead we went for lunch at a cute place in the mountains (We had a buffalo burgers) Then we went for a hike!

  • I have increased my exercise schedule. Here is my week schedule as of now:

Mon, wed, Fri- Tae Bo in the morning, EA Sports game on the Wii in the afternoon and Abs

Tue, Thur, Sat- Tae Bo in the morning, Running outside at night. Anywhere between 30-60 min

Sunday- Rest day

I am participating in a half marathon (13.6 miles) in September. I tend to be very goal oriented, so I figured that would be something great to work for...and it will be an awesome accomplishment when I complete it!!

New things that I cannot live without:

  • My new ipod touch...I could never run without it!! I LOVE IT!!

  • My new EA Sports game for the Wii. If you have a have to get this!! Bob Harper (Oprahs trainer) worked with EA games to create this! It is a fabulous workout! It combines cardio with strength training! I LOVE is sooo worth the 60.00!

  • Red Bull!!

  • My fitness watch, I got it a Target for like 45.00. Among several's a pedometer and it tells you how many calories you have burned by how many steps you have taken.

  • My new food scale

  • DVR...Oh wait that has nothing to do with weigh loss does it?? hehe

Anyone can do this too! I'm not gonna's a pain in the butt to get going...but once you do..its addicting! The energy you create by exercising is addicting! It feels amazing!! Again...I am ALWAYS here for moral support!!


Avery Tales said...

Wow!! You look fabulous!! I need to get inspired by you. I'm assuming you're doing Tae Bo at home. I've been seriously considering getting a Wii so just for the EA sports workout thing. I need to get back into a routine. Ever since J.K. came along my workout life has gone to the wayside. My problem was that I felt guilty being at work all day and then going to the gym only to leave him with another babysitter. However, your plan sounds great. He can play while I work out. Oh, and I love Sparkpeople. I need to get back into it.

Twice as Nice said...

I almost got the EA Sports game for the Wii last week but wasn't sure. So you love it? I want to tone up. Do you think this would help?
You look great but I already thought you did.

Julie said...

Congratulations Melissa you look fabulous! you go girl

jennykate77 said...

You're doing Ah-MAZING! I'm so totally proud of you. Your tips are right on...I'm impressed that you drink a WHOLE gallon of water every day...that's crazy! I've got to get the EA Sports, sounds so fun and worth the money.

I love you, beautiful!!

Hope you're having a wonderful day!

Renee said...

You are Smokin' Hott!! I'm so proud of you!! Keep up the good work girl and this half marathon will be a breeze!! Love you!

Sandy Michelle said...

You look GREAT-Congrats! Thanks for the tips too- as I am on weight watchers. The weekends get me every time too!

Sandy xox

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